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By choosing Expedit as your shop-fitting partner, you open a well-equipped toolbox. Because we have divided up the process into a number of ‘components’, from seeking ideas and their definition until shops are ready for opening, we enable customers to select precisely the tool or tools they need for the project concerned, regardless of whether this involves development, project design or implementation – or the whole package.

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Store design is like a construction project in more ways than one. We are a full-service contractor, and our wide range of products are the building blocks. This allows us to supply turnkey solutions and carry out the entire process from A-Z with focus on the customer.

This means that Expedit can handle the entire process from concept to finished store. However, we have divided the process into smaller stages in order to give the customer the opportunity to choose development, project management or realisation – or the whole package.

In other words, the needs of the customer decide the scope of the collaboration. But regardless of whether the is need for designers, project managers or shopfitters, our focus does not shift. In close collaboration with the customer, we create functional and innovative store solutions that add value.

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