Meet our designers

Susanne Agerbo

Susanne Agerbo, designer - ExpeditDesign assignments at Expedit can be very different in nature, so it is important to have a good insight into:

Who is the customer?
What do they want for the future store/solution?
Where are they currently in the market?
Where to they want to be in the future?

At the same time, there are many other things that may affect an assignment and it is vital to take these into consideration when you have to reach the end user. For example, the store’s strategy or the chain’s strategy, their positioning and the state of the entire sector and market. At the same time, function, quality and price are very important factors.

For me personally, it’s important to have an on-going dialogue and partnership with the customer, so that I create excellent and long-lasting solutions – and the customer gets a complete package.

Luckily, I’m naturally curious about new things, technologies and knowledge – which enables me to solve such tasks. I am inspired by it and it makes design fun and exciting to work with.

I qualified as an Industrial Designer in 1988 and I have worked as a designer/product developer for design, architecture and production companies.  


Lars Bønding

Lars Bønding, designer - ExpeditI am Expedit’s newest designer. For me a solution is never just about design. It’s a combination of strategy, tradition, communication, function and expression.

When you start working on an assignment, it’s always good to think about the outcome you want. For example, shall we be inspired or shall we get an overview? Shall we purchase or choose? What it has to reflect is also important. Shall we consolidate or change the world’s perception of the brand or the store/chain it shall be used in? Finally, it must function in daily life. Be logical and comprehensible with the customer and be a good tool for the staff.

I have many years of experience working in marketing and store design; having worked for a series of advertising and instore bureaus as an Art Director, copywriter and 3D designer.

The store is the last link in a long chain whose goal is to sell a product or a service. It is important that all of the resources that are utilised in product development, design, branding, etc., are fully-realised in the store. So I’m glad that I have insight into the processes that come into play ahead of the final sale in the store. 


Kari Mette Vege

Designer Kari Mette VegeI have many years of experience as a draughtswoman in the store interior design business and I am one of the few in the profession who still draws by hand.

I thrive by developing and creating design drafts in collaboration with the customer and I really value the large degree of freedom that comes from working at Expedit. The customers I work most with are TINE, Elixia and Storeys.

Otherwise, I love being a mum and relaxing with my family. Creativity flourishes at home too, and I enjoy making wonderful food. I am happy as a lamb when I can be with my family and our friends in our holiday home at Hvasser in Oslo Fjord.