Installation and trolley service

Service and installation are core aspects of our product programme. For nearly all our products, either installation or after-sales service is a natural part of implementation and operation, and we currently have an extensive, nationwide and professional service department that carries out all types of installation, service and maintenance tasks.

We understand the importance of fast and problem-free installation for keeping closure periods at a minimum and the importance of competent after-sales service with fast response times for minimising down time – all in an effort to save valuable time and lost revenue for the store. 

Installation on time – every time

For Expedit, installation in the store is about adding the final touches, regardless of the size of the job. Depending on the type and scope of the assignment, we carry out, communicate or organise the final installation of shopfittings for our customers. We supply and install equipment throughout Europe, where our experienced teams of highly skilled professionals associated with Expedit’s companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland  guarantee fast and efficient installation of shopfittings in your store.  

   Expedit installation