Green is the new black

The green element is a major contemporary trend. Never before have we been so conscious about lifestyle, exercise, healthy foods, organics and the environment. For example, this is evident by the increased sales of organic products, and the increasing numbers of urban gardens and green balconies in cities and towns. More and more people thrive by actively enjoying their leisure time, and finding quiet green spaces where they can relax and unwind from the stress of their busy lives.

The green element is also evident in the store. Green plants in stores and shopping centres can help create completely new experiences for customers.

If you want to "move with the times" and provide an attractive shopping destination, i.e. a place that customers will spend their time and energy getting to, then you need to offer them several functions and not just the option of purchasing your goods. This is where recreation plays an increasingly bigger role. There must be places where you as a customer, can step back from the sales messages and do other things.

Previously, shopping centres were surrounded by car parks but today many centres do much more with their surroundings. A good example is the shopping centre Emporia at Malmø. The entire roof has been specially designed with green and attractive seating areas, so visitors can relax and enjoy a view of the Øresund

Expedit shop solutions - Grønt er det nye sort

Green is also very visible, for instance in the form of "columns" of living walls, which are an integrated part of the architecture and which link the storeys with each other.

There is no mistaking the signal value of green. In recent times, there has been a green invasion of urban spaces. Living in the town or city is attractive, but at the same time, modern residents want to have a visible link with nature. There is focus on more life on the streets and creating an atmosphere that integrates the stores, cafés and outdoor areas as a whole. We also see a trend of mixing outdoors and indoors. Nature is brought inside the home and inside buildings.

Because urban space is limited, using vertical surfaces is a good way of utilising green solutions. Living walls are an obvious way of creating vertical garden environments. It can be a wall of edible herbs or a beautiful green point of focus in or on a building. But there are also many other untraditional ways of creating natural looking environments, which can be used in the store.



Expedit shop solutions - Grønt er det nye sort 

Note too that plants also improve the indoor climate. They clean the air of harmful particles and reduce noise. If you want to implement the green element in your store, you can choose the level of ambition that you prefer – from the completely manual version to the full automated – controlled via an app. Together with a service scheme, maintenance becomes easy and problem free.

Expedit has broad experience in green solutions in store environments. We have partners throughout the Nordic Region, and if you want to begin with some more specific green plans, we would love to help you turn them into reality.

 Expedit shop solutions - Grønt er det nye sort