Lifestyle in just a few square metres

Subaru wanted a concept that presented all the known Subaru features and brand values in a very tight space.

It was by using inspiration from lifestyle concepts that Expedit developed Subaru's shop concept. For many, Subaru is a technological cult brand, and that's why it would seem relevant to focus on technology and intelligent engine power. But the stage was set with lifestyle images - large pictures of nature and vast expanses.

To make it feel more authentic, natural materials such as solid oak, stones and gravel were brought in. Materials that are unspoilt and raw reflect both Japanese minimalism and Nordic simplicity.

Subaru therefore managed to reach out to the consumer's need to feel the freedom and joy of a life in the outdoors. The concept worked in just a few square metres of what was a  former children's clothes shop in the city centre.

Several city centre shops often stand empty and thus provide the perfect advertising space for brands and products that normally require space, and are consequently placed in the suburbs.

The result was the essence of Subaru as a brand - simply because the space only allowed the core and most important of Subaru's values. And because Expedit managed to shift the focus to lifestyle instead of product.
That's why this tiny concept worked as a strong presentation of Subaru, and has become a template for how Subaru presents itself in bigger and more traditional car stores.

It is usually the other way around - that large concepts have to be squeezed into smaller formats. But by boiling down the essence of the brand and going all out on lifestyle and emotion, endless building options opened up.