Swix opens new head office in Norway with Expedit as important business partner

In a new and modern building, close to the E-6 in Lillehammer, Swix has set up what is colloquially known as "the world's biggest waxing booth". In the nearly 10,000 m2 large building, which also contains a warehouse and office facilities, Expedit was responsible for the concept development and supply of the reception area, store, museum and an outlet.
The collaboration with Swix has been going on for a year now, and began even before the start of the project. We had to forget the traditional store line of thinking in this project and think more in the direction of a showroom, trade fairs and shop-in-shop solutions. In addition to Swix's own products, there should be plenty of space for other brands, such as Lundhags, Ulvang and Toko.

"It has been an educational and exciting journey together with some very committed and technically competent employees in Swix," says Geir Svendsen, CEO in Expedit Norway. "Even if Swix has now opened its doors to the audience, and we have completed our physical deliveries, the project is in no way completed. Now we look forward to reviewing the experiences the employees will have in the coming weeks. Our goal, as always, is to be responsible and reliable and to ensure that the customer's results are the best they can be now and in the future. We recommend our other customers and partners to visit Swix in Lillehammer, and should anyone - after a good bargain – have the time to give us some feedback, we would be very grateful! Finally, we would like to thank Swix for the collaboration until now, and also wish them good luck with the incredible new facilities in Blåswixvegen in Lillehammer.

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