Kvickly experimenting with moods and environments

The retail trade is increasingly transforming into areas that specialise and develop within individual categories. That's why it is not unusual to return from a supermarket shop with a pint of milk, some paté and a new suit.

In Kvickly in Albertslund, the store has gone all out to become an inspiring place to develop Coop’s food manifesto of giving consumers more and better choices when it comes to shopping.
Together with Kvickly, Expedit has developed a unique store concept that actually consists of several smaller concepts.

Sanne Lindgren, Key Account Manager at Expedit, has been in charge of overall communication with Kvickly about the store design.
"It has been a really exciting process, developing and designing the different departments for Kvickly while also creating a context that fits in with Kvickly's overall profile." Modern grocery stores are no longer places you rush to get through. They should make you want to lose yourself in the vegetable or wine section, find inspiration for fashion and interior decor, or to have a coffee in nice surroundings," says Lindgren.

Expedit was responsible for the development, design and implementation the interior of the store, which until now has only received positive feedback.

"In the future we want to ensure that for the customer there is an experience connected to the purchase of even the most basic items," says Lindgren.
"It's about offering customers something new, but also about building loyalty and an experience that makes customers want to return."