New standards

Coop has opened Mad Cooperativet – a completely new store format, located in Copenhagen Central Station. The new store concept is the result of the Group's food manifesto, which was launched last year. Under the title "Sammen om bedre mad" (Together for Better Food), Coop's vision is to put good meals and good ingredients on the agenda. The store is a central element in the realisation of the goal of changing Danish food culture.
The store sets new standards for innovation in food stores and must be considered one of the most innovative and high-profile food stores in Denmark.

In collaboration with Coop and Cada Design from London, Expedit has helped to develop and realise the store concept. Coop and Cada Design have developed the overall concept, and in collaboration with Coop, Expedit has further developed and completed the interior design concept, and supplied most of the interior design for the store.


Caroline Fiedler, Concept Manager Coop

"We've experienced superb interplay between our concept department and Expedit. In a close joint effort, we've developed completely unique solutions on inventory, which relate to the space and the train station," says Caroline Fiedler, who is responsible for the concept in MAD Cooperativet.

"It's been an incredibly exciting development process, where innovation and high ambitions have been on the agenda all the way through," says Expedit's Sanne Lindgren, who is responsible for the work with Coop. "Moreover, during the design and interior design phases, we've respected the beautiful, protected buildings, which form the framework for the lovely store, which has been a fantastically exciting challenge."


Real moss, which has been specially treated, gives the logo character and brings the green element into the store.



’Go’ appetit’ with Bitz and Holm, is recorded twice a week during the store's opening hours, and TV2 broadcasts the programme 250 times a year.



Coop's food manifesto from 2014, which Mad Cooperativet is based on, and Coop raise the flag for good meals, good ingredients and good choices. 



The design look and choice of materials emphasize the fine elements in the old protected building.

In the corners of the inventory there is for example a link to the train station's raw look, and in close dialogue with Coop, Expedit has designed and produced an amazing lamp to match the concept.






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