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Expedit works consciously with the environment, quality and health. Please find our Code of Conduct here.

Expedit wants to contribute to provide the best conditions for our environment and fellow human beings. This means that we constantly focus on our own actions and at the same time want to influence our suppliers and collaborators to exercise responsible behavior. Therefore, as a participant in the international community, we have joined FN’s Global Compact. And we have elaborated Expedit Group’s Code of Conduct, in which we describe the ethical guidelines and values on which our actions are based and on which our collaboration with suppliers should take place.

Moreover, we have drawn up a number of guidelines to which we group- internally attach importance to live up to, for supplying  solutions that meet our customers’ expectations and needs, while it is also important to us that our employees are doing fine.  And we want to run our business with limited impact on the environment.  Those guidelines are described in our policies, which you can read more about in the below-mentioned document.

Code of Conduct


expedit's attitude towards environment