Future counter concept

Modulflex Header

There is a growing need for custom-made and individual solutions

Concepts and purchasing patterns change very rapidly. This creates a need for tailored and individual counter solutions, and demands greater flexibility and scalability than in the past. The Moduflex concept was developed by Expedit’s innovation and design team. Their aim was to come up with and develop a flexible system that makes it easy to customise a counter solution. A generic modular system that matches most store formats, without compromising on uniqueness and individuality.


Maximum flexibility

Moduflex lets you work both horizontally and vertically on the frontage. This means space can be optimised and used for decoration and additional sales. This ensures maximum flexibility as and when needs change – without the need to invest in new counters. And you are free to think in terms of new materials, colours and features.

Panels and surfaces

Moduflex makes it possible to work with a wide range of panels and  surface variants. This way, the counter solution can be designed in a  myriad of colours and materials, and tailored to the store’s profile,  campaigns, etc. – and redesigned, when it is time to change.

The perfect Length

The backbone of Moduflex is a flexible modular system that adapts to match your needs – whether you want to change it, turn it or simply extend it.

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