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12. Maj 2021
By Anne Bak Weibel, Retail Designer

Online Retail Design Sprint

With great enthusiasm, we have used Retail Design Sprints to develop concepts together with our clients during the last couple of years. The pandemic forced us to put that on hold, but it also inspired us to develop an online version. And guess what? It turned out to have several benefits. We will definitely continue using online Design Sprint post corona.
The biggest advantage is that you can develop concepts together with colleagues and clients from all over the world without spending unnecessary time and resources on travel.

The Retail Design Sprint is essentially a 5-day intense creative boot camp. Monday and Tuesday we work in person with you, our client, to define the challenges, scope of the week and deciding what challenges to prototype. Wednesday and Thursday our designers build a 3D and VR prototype of the concept, which is then presented for you on Friday.

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To succeed the Design Sprint it’s really important to get the right team aboard. You need as many different professional perspectives on the issue as possible to make all blind spots visible and to avoid redesigning later in the process.

A strong team can, for example, consist of Marketing, Sales staff, Purchasing, Operations and Design. An efficient Design Sprint also needs Deciders. The Deciders can be, for example, Marketing Manager, Design Manager, CEO or similar.

A design sprint is effective because the exercises are designed to optimize the process – you don’t waste time on discussing and convincing each other. The energy is put into producing and sketching as many ideas as possible, voting and creating visual heatmaps and visual ideas for the Deciders.

The Deciders make the ultimate selection. Whatever they choose, we will prototype!

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